*Bugsy Malone – Full Show*

Bugsy Malone – Full Show – Arrangements based on the 1976 Original Soundtrack
The heavily discounted full set of Bugsy Malone, contains all the main show songs, available with extended and cut down structures/arrangements, including many special extras, such as custom tailored incidental tracks, available only from JH Backing Tracks. From scene change music, background filler music, different themed underscores, playon/playoff’s, as well as music for the bows and finale, to the band playout/exit music!

Additional instrumentation has been added, played by the best specialist musicians in the industry, to help really capture the “Bugsy” time period and feel. This helps to fill the sound out, resulting in many tracks gaining that extra energy and excitement, which would usually only be possible with a live band. These additions will benefit your production, giving the impression you have a remote live band playing for the show, especially with all the extra incidental tracks, ready to fill any gaps that might occur… helping to create an atmosphere otherwise only found with a fully live band/orchestra.


Main Tracks
Bugsy Malone
Fat Sam’s Grand Slam
Fat Sam’s Grand Slam (Extended)
Tomorrow (Shorter)
Show Business Is In My Veins
Show Business Is In My Veins (Shorter)
There’s No Buisness Like Show Business (Bugsy Malone Alternative)
Bad Guys
I’m Feeling Fine (Audition Version)
I’m Feeling Fine
I’m Feeling Fine (Shorter)
My Name Is Tallulah
My Name Is Tallulah (Shorter)
Bugsy Malone Reprise
So You Wanna Be A Boxer
So You Wanna Be A Boxer (Shorter)
Ordinary Fool
Ordinary Fool (Shorter)
Down And Out
Down And Out (Half Intro)
Down And Out (Shorter)
Fat Sam’s Reprise
You Give A Little Love
Band Playout

Various Playons and Playoff Music
Bad Guys Playon/off
Fat Sam’s Playon
Fat Sam’s Playoff
Idiot Police Playon
Idiot Police Playoff
Italian American/Mob Boss Playon
My Name Is Tallulah Playoff
So You Wanna Be A Boxer Playoff

Scene Change and Underscore Music
Bugsy Scene Change
I’m Feeling Fine Eery Scene Change
Bugsy Malone Background Jazz
Bugsy Malone Saloon Piano
Car Chase
Creepy Walk
Gangster Riffs
Idiot Police Accident
Knuckles Dies
News Report
Opening Alley Scene
Restaurant Violin Music
Sad Music
Splurge Gun Discovery
Speakeasy Background Music
Tense Cream Pie Music