Terms & Conditions

All backing tracks remain the property of jhbackingtracks.com at all times.

jhbackingtracks.com is licensed with the MCPS-PRS for music and pays all appropriate royalties for recording/producing customised backing tracks. By accessing this site and purchasing a track, you agree to all the terms and licensing conditions.

Live use and purchase of JHBT tracks by an individual performer/creative is granted, however, if a production company/organisation requires the use of the same tracks for it’s own show, the purchase must be made again/separately by the company itself, rather than have the tracks ‘passed on’ by an individual that may be working for the company.

Although JHBT tracks can be found featured away from the stage, such as jingle music in Film, TV and radio, bed music in online video trailers and even theme park/attraction based settings, you would have to contact JHBT to agree an extended licence deal for such usage. Exclusivity deals on custom track work can also be arranged when required.

The license to use your purchased tracks in a live performance setting is granted, but use by third parties, lending, hiring, re-selling or simply ‘giving away’ the tracks is strictly prohibited. The use of purchased tracks in commercially released recorded performances can be granted upon request. Please contact JHBT to agree an extended licence deal for such usage. Your license to use JHBT tracks will be deemed invalid in the event of breach of any/all of the terms and conditions stated herein, resulting in legal action and rendering any further use of the backing tracks illegal.

Backing tracks cannot be returned or exchanged. If an internet error is reported during the download of any tracks, JHBT will find another method to successfully send your purchased track(s).

Customers cannot cancel custom track work, once the production has begun.

When working on bespoke track production with a new client, generally a deposit will be agreed upon to secure the studio time booking. If a customer is not completely satisfied with the final product of a custom track (which is unlikely from JHBT, ha) I will be happy to make minor changes (for example, if a customer wants a certain instrument mixed differently or a verse/chorus adding or cutting) but any major changes (such as full musical arrangements or orchestration) which requires many extra hours work, would come at an additional agreed cost. Although of course I will always discuss the track brief in full detail before starting to work on a track, to make sure we are going down the same journey together!

If for some reason you don’t receive your track after you’ve purchased it because of an internet or device error, please contact me so we can sort the problems out.

jhbackingtracks.com reserves the rights to use any reviews or comments for promotional purposes.