My work is constantly in high demand with premium production shows all around the world. My professionally produced tracks are used in first class venues, From the West End to No.1 Theatre tours and Pantomimes, Concert Halls, and Arenas to Cruise Ships and various other industries, such as TV and Film.

Below are examples of a custom arrangement, demonstrating the different stages of a fully produced click track. Starting in the studio with just the ‘on click’ instruments isolated, and finishing with the addition of live musicians and vocalists mixed in, which suddenly brings everything to life! Everything you can hear has been arranged, produced and mixed by myself, James Harrison.

The Rock Knights Medley

Fully produced rehearsal track

Rehearsal instruments replaced with live band mix with click additions

Go Go Go Joseph

Click Track Layer

Fully produced rehearsal track with studio backing vocals

Full live band mix with click and studio backing vocals

2019 Showreel

Here are some compilations of fully orchestrated tracks I’ve recently produced, giving a taster of the quality you can expect, hopefully showing that any project is possible… Enjoy!

2018 Showreel

2015/16 Showreel